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GCPEASA combines the best of the experiences of our partners along with the innovation that new generations propose to the company. Hand in hand with institutional values and philosophy, We will give you the tools to develop your professional career a way you've always wanted.


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“I started working in GCPEASA 20 years ago for the work environment, the opportunities for growth, security and tranquility of formal employment”

Hector, Design  (20 years)

“I joined as an intern, then as an administrative assistant, then as assistant HR and am now training coordinator”

Andrea, Training (7 years)

“I am filled with pride when I see a finished construction and know that I contributed with something”

“GCPEASA is recommended by its self, experience and quality make it an excellent company”

Leticia, Purchases (19 years)

"Thanks to GCPEASA I have met new places, new people, I shared my knowledge and I have developed in many ways"

"The company has a large human sense, the company is loyal to his employees"

Pedro, Projects (10 years)

“GCPEASA is a company that lives its values and has highly developed human part”

Luis, Site  (5 years)

"I started when there were 16 people in the company, we are now more than 300"

"After so many years in the business, I see it as my home, I love it and I like to be here"

Martha, Analyst (23 years)

"I am proud of my team, the challenges we take forward together, my people are very dedicated and give their best every day"

"The company taught me among many other things, to value and respect all people"

Gloria , Administration ( 8 years)

"I am grateful for the trust that the company has placed in me to lead a team and create projects"

Rodrigo, Projects  (5 years)

"In GCPEASA you learn every day, you live the values of the company, they  make you feel part of its vision"

"There is recognition by our superiors and our team partners"

Hector, Projects  (6 years)

"The company helped me to leave as a student exchange, this action is an example of how the company cares about our professional and personal development"

Diana, Analyst (3 years)

"The company offers stability, growth, learning, you get to know more people, there is a caring for the people"

Nayelli, Site Control (10 years)

"I'm filled with pride with the recognition they give us as collaborators"

"In GCPEASA there´s learning, humane treatment, personal development and professional"

Miguel, Projects  (4 years)


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